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“An unknown and unresolved being born into existence, a creation within the universe purposeless by birth, spiritually conscious and in a trivial pursuit i.e., life for I am the creator of hope not the dying light” – Piyush Sharma , Delhi Technical Campus

I was born and raised in the metropolitan king of cities, New Delhi whereas my family belongs from the heavens or as we call them mountains on Earth(to be specific from Kangra District, Himachal Pradesh). So, I am part mountain blood too. (explains the travel bug) An extrovert by nature who is explorative and altruistic maybe considered as funny or lazy by others. I am 5’5″ and a mental health advocate who loves to travel new places.

Scratching back to the childhood days, I had always been a happy/outgoing kid at home yet I became shy in nature as soon as I entered my school. Funny right? But eventually I became more self-aware and outspoken while growing up with my crazy bunch of friends who taught me the unbelievable power of “being yourself”. I am a product of their countless support and unrelentless truthfulness regarding me. So, I am part extrovert too.


I have also struggled from lowself-confidence and self-doubt still it led me to discover myself by pushing my limits early in life. Such that I have always been more inclined towards the extra-curriculum activities and did my fair share in singing, dancing, art and craft, debating, creative writing and sports like basketball and cricket yet did average in academics always.

In the spring of 2014 something surprising happened, I scored 9.6 CGPA in 10th and my life was forever changed. This is the most relatable story of our youth, by all means my parents decided that I should take science because “science mein boht scope hai” and I opted for science on the basis of negligible interest I gathered from watching Stephen Hawking’s Discovery show to regarding myself as a academic guy for some reason. Bad decision! So, I struggled through-out 11th and 12th standards in academics because it did not interest me as I thought it would and quite honestly, I never really tried hard at any of the science subjects except Physics. It’s my all-time favourite levelling English Literature.


Same year I met with an accident, our car flipped twice and I ended up in the ICU for a week or so. I had a wound on the outer skin of my skull and fortunately all my friends survived too. This was definitely the most self-reflecting moment of my life and I feel grateful every day to be alive and prospering significantly.

Coming to 2016, I scored a 68% in 12th Science boards something I was not surprised to see but it definitely went downhill from that point onwards.


It was the first time I failed my expectations in life and it took a toll on me mentally. Moreover, seeing everyone fulfilling their dreams or moving forward -It was if I had hit the snooze button on life. I was harsh on myself and immediately started preparing for Engineering Exams (yeah, science.) without prior research as everyone I knew was doing the same thing. This was the second biggest mistake after taking science without any research. So yeah, I am part stupid too.

Still I went on and gave all these tough examinations from JEE to BMS, no surprise I did not score a well reputed rank in any of them and it broke me further, I felt really depressed and was unable to cope up with the continued sad reality of life.

Finally, in 2016 I took admission out of regret or say less opportunities in a college named Delhi Technical Campus– 2.5 hours away from my house – literally in Gr. Noida (affiliated to GGSIP University) as an Engineering Student. It had basic good ranking according to the IPU but it was new and students were quite hesitant to take admission in a college so far from Delhi. Life was merely my playground anymore and all the dreams of going to best colleges of our country were shattered due to my sheer negligence in preparing for life and doing something I don’t love. I chose my Bachelors of Technology in Mechanical and Automation Engineering out of liking and increasing scope of automation around the globe, people today may undermine the mechanical field due to less field work available and more hardwork but it is the mother of all engineering branches. It is the spine of the structure on which the whole Industrial Revolution is based upon. Frankly speaking, I thought it would be a tough journey, moreover uninteresting but it became the changing point of my life.


See when you travel this far, an individual commitment is required and it certainly punished me for my wrongs I travelled for 5 hours a day for everyday in my first two semesters. But I stopped because it was too much at times and went havoc with my friends and enjoyed the campus life of DU thoroughly :DIt only taught me how much hard work life requires if you wish to be anything and nothing comes easily or for free. You need compassion and patience without which the journey remains incomplete.

4 years, 8 Semesters with over48 subjects with their separatepractical, the “75% Attendance” rule (though through-out the entire graduation my combined attendance would not be able to clear the 75% rule lol, life.) Summer and Winter Internships at companies like NTPC- Dadri, IOCL- Tikri-Kalan, project/presentation life, Sneaky Hostel life(though I only stayed there for specific times only), the “mess” food that my friends used to sneak into their rooms so I won’t die hungry at night and a batch of science nerds with majority in boys- it’s no joke-only 2 girls in ratio to 47 boys. Yeah, I know. From clearing the exams by pulling all-nighters studying the entire syllabus of six months in one night and the famous”teacher vs Eng. student rivalry”. I have lived it all and this was kind of an ultimate thrill ride of my life and I swear I never attended college in regularity and always had some problems with my teachers(reflected in my internals mark through-out :P) and still performed exceptionally better than my entire batch.

From the starting onward it was my primary aim to do well at academics and still enjoy the perks of being free from parental guidance for the first time in my teenage life. So, I did. I have consistently remained in the top 10 or 5 in my batch since 2016 onwards except the 5th sem(it’s nerve wrecking). Scored a perfect ton in Physics at University level examination. I was gratefully given the nickname “GURU JI” by my batchmates due to my philosophical and practical approach towards life as well as academics.

I met some of the most amazing human beings in my college life more humble and kind than anybody I have ever came across in my entire life.  Did the almost full version of Delhi Darshan, danced at Delhi Universities fests, attended a lot of parties and travelled to the mountains like never before. Suffered though sleep apnoea and insomnia at times, cried due to the inability to sleep as a result of stress of examinations. Got prescribed medicine to sleep and gave the exam in half hypnosis and still scored exceptionally in the following exam.

Lived the extras life by Winning the Cricket Tournament in 2nd Year, to participating as a Member of Parliament in MUN representing IRAQ,, Head of events at the Annual fest “VIKIRAN”, Won and participated in Technical Quizzes, Sang as loud as I could at the Annual Fest, Won the Photography Competition at the Annual Fest and the most important was the ATV Vehicle named Rudra we made for the BAJA 2020 competition. Seniors guided our hopeless dream as carriers of light, illuminating the eventually destined path. They taught me the importance of teamwork, sheer determination, the say “no to no” mentality, never give up undying spirit of working till you faint. All thanks to my fellow team-mates I worked under mybatchmates and learnt the hardships that come in practical life and Industrial world. It’s too hard and one cannot do it without pure will. We were the only team comprising 5 members in a competition of over 100 teams(finale stage) with individual teams having 25 members. It was a big achievement and I am proud to have been a part of the legacy. I did not take any placements because I want to explore now and research on what I can do.

So, I am part Engineer too.

Basically, we are designed to be flawed & it does not mean we are limited to our inabilities only but it willquietly reflect upon our ability to rise above no matter what. Thus,never leave space for regret it’s a slow poison.

Feel free to look around, always – try and fail until no option is left. Do what you love and put your life into it. No excuses only hard work. Listen to your self and determine the best for you, I will get this life right -one day. Till then hustle until death comes naturally.

My life has always been a hard pathway& eventually, I learned to live with it and acceptance has led me to mind-blowing self-introspection such that I can enjoy life more. Only takeaways are that your story is a blank canvas and will be determined by the next step you take in awareness. So be careful but never stop taking risks. Calculated Risk is the factor of pure success. Life is literally going to tear you down and it will question your dreams but in that moment we must look eye to eye and never accept it as our reality. For we are one part “humans” and every bit we do is imagination came to reality!

“However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at” -Stephen Hawking

Future prospects:

I have always had this creative aspect and wanted to do something with it and now that my graduation is over, I look forward in developing it further.I love to write and will hopefully develop this skill professionally now. I feel like our responsibility as a social being is extremely imp. too that’s why I have considered to be an UPSC aspirant as well. Hopefully, time will tell my story again.


Piyush Sharma
Btech( Mechanical and Automation)
Delhi Technical Campus, Gr. Noida
Follow – Piyush Sharma

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