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Build yourself through the things you love and enjoy; you’ll flourish, but most importantly, you’ll be happy – Aayushi Saxena , Hansraj College Delhi University

I am a year II student at Hansraj, DU and I come from the city of Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh. All through my school life, I was considered (and probably was) good at academics. However, I just never found myself to be someone who was comfortable in being restricted to the classroom, and by grade 5, I started participating in all extra curricular opportunities I could get my hands on.


It began with anchoring for school events, something I continued and had great love for all the way till grade 12, but once I got out of the classroom, I tried my hand at almost everything. Poetry recitations, Model UNs, theatre and anchoring were a major part but whatever I found new and up my alley, I did it. I was also a part of the student council, and became the Head Girl for my school in grade 12.

I balanced my academics with all my extracurricular interests and managed to get a good score in my boards, securing my admission in DU North Campus. At heart I am a language and literature lover- I started reading all the way back in grade 1. I wrote too, but only very recently started putting it out for the world. So, it made sense that I chose English H. as my course. However, I am also a part of my college’s Dramatics Society, and at DU, theatre is a culture in itself, so it feels great to be associated to it! I’ve met beautiful, talented and passionate people, learned so much, and become so much more.




The one thing that separates college from school is that it opens you up to a world which is very different from the contained environment you’ve been used to. You come across people with such varied interests and personalities, it’s one whole learning experience in itself. I, personally, really enjoy listening to people, connecting with them through shared (and varied) interests and music and poetry, and college has given me wonderful, inspiring friends. These experiences that I get to listen to are what I keep in my mind whenever I write. I try to build an emotional connect by penning things that are otherwise not easily expressed in a way that feels personal.



If there is one thing I’ve come to understand, it is that academics only matter until it’s about college, what you do with yourself from then on is your journey to shape. Don’t ever feel pressured to overwork yourself for grades no one will ask for anyway. Build yourself through the things you love and enjoy; you’ll flourish, but most importantly, you’ll be happy !

Aayushi Saxena

Hansraj College

Delhi University

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