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College wasn’t more of learning in the class rather about exploring your hidden talents and being known from it and doing what comes in your heart and living it to the fullest – Sanjivani Sharma , CVS, DU

A dreamer who expected so much from her college that she just wanted to know everyone she met just on her first day, was actually  stuck in her 14 year long schooling of extreme mental breakdowns. I struggled so much after coming to college be it body issues or mental hygiene, but I am blessed enough to get into a group of same minded people, broken and urge to learn new art.


If someone asks me what my three years were during my college, I would just say ‘ journey to enlightenment’. Enlightenment of knowing what truly resides around me. College wasn’t more of learning in the class rather about exploring your hidden talents and being known from it and doing what comes in your heart and living it to the fullest.

I already planned on doing tourism management from Delhi University’s college of vocational studies and I was so quick at taking my admission there, also I wanted to join the theater society of my college. Theater gave me a niche that I always wanted, an art that changed my perspective about life and society around me, it made me liberal and concerned towards my responsibilities as student and citizen.


Moreover I got so much exposure from the amount of experience that I took by performing inter colleges, at events in IIT kanpur, Bombay and Delhi. Performing on issues like rape, reservation, rise of hindu nationalism and high use of plastic around the world on streets or during the protests was something that gave me the power to present myself in front of 300-700 audience. Standing on stage on the other hand gave me the power to grasp people’s attention towards topics that the usually refuse to hear.


Theater wasn’t that easy, we practiced for hours, fought, built lifelong connections, shared art and built community that was beyond my expectation. I am proud of the fact that I dedicated my three years to something that changed me and my perception about things. the child that I was in school, overconfident, broken, selfish and introvert would actually be out and loud. I was given opportunities; I was dedicated to the art that I learned. I made an amazing group of friends which will forever be part of my journey. I have learned so much about people being themselves, unique and accepting them the way they are. And best part that they do the same for you.


You might think why everything is related to theater but that is the fact my 3 years is just theater and exposure to life and adventures. I became confident enough to be free and to know what I can do and to what extent. I even went for an internship alone far from my hometown, I experienced the art of utilizing your talents to an extreme situation and bringing out the best in you.



To conclude my 3 years have given me a closer look to my extremes and interest and gave me the power to actually change that interest into my profession. it’s not about what you are doing and finding it’s motive in life, it’s more about taking all the experience and good from your present and utilize it for your lifetime.

Sanjivani Sharma

College of vocational studies

Delhi University

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