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Experiences and near-death encounters taught me to have faith and belief in ourselves, I would say it is important to be positive and enjoy every moment that we live – Bhaskara Sharma , SLS Hyderabad

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Since childhood, I was very keen on doing extracurricular activities. Holding a Visharad degree in classical singing and dhruvpad gaiki. Started my sports carrier and ended up learning basketball, cricket, football, swimming, Table tennis, and finally ended up playing lawn tennis. I am a national level lawn Tennis player and have been state and district champion for years. I also got the chance to enroll for NCC Airwing (1 RAJ AIR SQ), whereby I attended CATC camp and got a silver medal in Aeromoduling.


I come from a family of Lawyers whereas a child I got to listen to more cases than fair tails. So I decided to take forward this tradition of becoming a lawyer and enrolled myself at Symbiosis Law School Hyderabad in the year 2016. Currently, I am in the 5th year of my course (BBA LLB), my college life was not so smooth, I faced many ups and downs, however, this helped me develop my passion for photography and cinematography, it has been 3 years since i started pursuing this field of Media.

During these 3 years, I got a chance to associate with well-known personalities and also got the chance to be on the frontline for executing 5 major Fest at collage. I have been part of almost all the cells and centers at my institution assisting in the field of PR and Media. I am also part of the student council and have been holding a reputable position for the last two years. Today I can proudly say that I am well versed with clicking pictures shooting cinematic videos, I have a wide knowledge and experience working on Sony Vegas Pro, Final Cut Pro X, imovies, Lightroom, Canva, DavinciResolve, etc. Apart from assisting my institution, I also take personal paid projects, the revenue generated helps me in investing in new and better equipments.




I am an adventure enthusiast traveling to different countries, so one of my major adventures was In the year 2017, whereby I got the chance to visit Kailash Mansarovar, which is situated in China, this is an adventure organized by MEA and Govt of India, I was In the first batch of 2017 and the youngest. This is Asia’s 3rd toughest and deadliest trek, it took 22 days and a lot of courage and blessings to complete the adventure.

Though there are many physical and medical requirements necessary to be eligible for this adventure the raw nature that I witnessed was breathtaking, I will be happier to discuss that any day over a call.


The title of Kailashi that I have is because of the completion of this adventure. All these experiences and near-death encounters taught me to have faith and belief in ourselves, I would say it is important to be positive and enjoy every moment that we live.

Bhaskara Sharma

SLS Hyderabad

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