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I had learnt a lot from the failures in the process as we say until you won’t do it, you won’t learn – Pranaya Godawat



So it all started back when I was in school somewhere around my class 7th when I got my first “ point and shoot camera” and it was fun to go techy and click around stuff but the actual journey started at M.S Ramaiah Institute Of Technology where  I got the inclination towards photography & cinematography as I used to go around the streets clicking because coming from Udaipur to  Bengaluru was entirely a new phase for me. So I clicked around the streets, shot for college clubs and I felt that passion growing. And since then I m exploring this field to the depths. My journey as a person basically started a little rough as I started with my own start-up “KEYS and BLACKS” and initially we were struggling with the crunch of funds but there was a zeal that I am taking a long path i.e Engineering to Photography it has to me so I shot everything and anything that could help me gain funds, I used to borrow and rent cams and shoot for even as low as 1K-2K per day but gradually with the hard work and dedication we built our own brand to take that dream ahead. I just found two more partners in crime, my present partner to the firm.


It was a tough journey in the beginning as we struggled a lot with equipment and authentic work. But due to the constant teamwork and efforts, we are an established firm to produce content for the prestigious brands nationally and internationally dealing in automobile, textile, retail, e-commerce and many more.

We also widened our scope through Indian weddings giving them an entirely new edge and shape.

Today we are a place for your Photography, Film & Music all under one roof with a brilliant clientele and a gang of the motivated crew.

I had my teachers at college who guided me through and helped me to think in the right direction, I had learnt a lot from the failures in the process as we say until you won’t do it, you won’t learn. Today whatever our company has achieved it is only because of all those experiences and failures which gave us the power to fight back and try again and improve.



I just wanted to convey out to all the readers that –  “What comes easy won’t last, what lasts won’t come easy.”

Today Keys and Blacks have an associate panel of more than thirty people and its own highly equipped recording & production studio in Bengaluru and offices in Jaipur, Delhi, Deharadun & Sydney all done in a span of two and a half years.

Believe in your dreams and work towards it, success is just at the next door.

It was a tough decision for me to turn my passion into a profession and earn a living through it. You need to have faith in you and your dream and success will follow you.

Pranaya Godawat

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