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If you feel like there is something out there that you should try and experiment with, do it. It is never too late to do anything and you’re never too old to follow your passion. Meghana Kanduri Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad

Humans of Campus


As I was growing up, I never actually wanted to do law, it happened by chance and I had never planned on becoming a lawyer.

It was actually my mom who had suggested that I should pursue law because I was not really into maths and science. I gave Clat and my score wasn’t good enough to make it to the top NLUs. I was really stuck and did not know what to do. I gave SET and made it to Symbiosis, mind you Symbiosis Hyderabad, not Pune.

It was a new college and we were technically the first batch. Five years in a law school taught me everything. I had to be extremely independent and take my own decisions. My first year was extremely difficult because I could not adjust with people and faced a lot of mental hardships due to estranged relationships with friends.

First year itself taught me so much that I knew I was learning and growing. I slowly moved on and made new friends and talked to different people. I met some really amazing and beautiful people that made my life on campus better. They were always there for me and made sure that I was alright. A big shout out to you guys, you know who you are.


Law is a difficult course and there is immense competition and pressure. Projects, moots, research papers, internals, externals, client counselling, mediation etc., there were a lot of things to do. At one point I had no clue what I was doing and why I was doing it. There was so much pressure to score good grades and gain meaningful internships. I slowly started realising that this was not what I wanted to do. I mean, law is definitely a great stream for people who love it but I wasn’t really enjoying it.

Fashion was always something I wanted to do since eleventh grade. I never really had the courage to pursue it due to societal pressure but one part of my heart always wanted to give it a shot. When I was in my fourth year, I had decided that I had to follow my passion but wasn’t very sure about the process of the journey. I was figuring out various ways and means to work things out.


Fifth year was the most amazing year of my entire law school life. I enjoyed each and every day and had also cleared the blocks in my head. I knew what I wanted to do and was confident. We had campus placements and I got placed with an MNC as their in-house counsel. I wanted to be independent financially to fulfill my needs. Things were working out in my favour and I was extremely contented. I had decided to work and blog side by side. I did not plan anything and just want to go with the flow and do what I love.

I started my blog a month ago and I’m working hard to make ends meet. I am not sure as to where this will take me but I know for a fact that I’ll do anything and everything possible to not give up on my passion and stay consistent.

Meghana Kanduri
Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad
Year 2015-2020
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