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In the race to reach the success, I nearly forgot the essence of present, but I have learnt from life to keep an equilibrium now – Anushree Garg , UPES Dehradun

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I have always believed that in whatever state of mind you are, nature would always make you feel tranquil and beautiful. I have always loved being closest to the nature,and have always cherished the blues and green of it and fortunately I took an admission in the University of Petroleum and energy studies in the city of Dehradun (Uttarakhand). Besides the fact that Dehradun is such a beautiful hill station, the campus of UPES itselfhas splendid long lanes of blooming flowers and loads of nature’s beauty.

I am currently pursuing B Tech in Computer Science and am originally from another beautiful city which is surrounded by the Aravalli ranges, Ajmer in the state of Rajasthan.

I have often seen and felt that a lot of people in college, with the peer pressure forget the very essence of college life because they start rushing towards the future in the search of success. We just forget the balance and stop living or cherishing every moment that is inour present and would be a lifetime memory, the small schedules which we do not give enough importance to, the age where we could be stupid and reckless, the unexpected night outs, weirdly dancing in the hostel corridors, unexpected trips, laughing on the most stupid things, cooking Maggie late night in hostel rooms and obviously hiding electric kettles, birthday celebrations for which you always get scolded by the warden, bunking lectures but studying so hard the night before the exam, lunch and dinners in the mess together every day, convincing people to mark your proxies, singing and jamming sessions in the college corridors, and what not.

Honestly,I, myself became one of those people for so many months in my college.

Sitting here at my home, since so many months in this lockdown, doing my semesters online, I feel that I wish there was a way to know that we are actually in the most beautiful phase of our lives until it finally gets over. Reading the line from the book “The monk who sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma – “The world and that includes my inner world, is a very special place. I’ve also come to see that success on the outside means nothing unless you also have success within. There is a huge difference between well-being and being well-off.” I felt this book gave words to the thoughts that were deep down inside me. Of course, It is important to work towards your future, and to be involved in your career, but now I have learnt to keep a balance andalso started to feel the miraculous moments around me in my present.

I was a person who never had enough confidence to let my talents out, people used to motivate me but I faced a lot of difficulty in taking a step ahead with my fears, but thenmy college life has also made me understand that fear is just a monster we build in ourselves, now I have seized so many opportunities to give interviews, qualified them, joined so many student chapters, volunteered in teaching the underprivileged children and in an organization for the mentally disabled, worked& participated in various events like hackathons, Global start-up weekend, and various other tech and fun events which not only boosted my confidence but gave me so many beautiful memories.

Now, I have started to publish my paintings, sketches, singing videos, dancing videos and also started a YouTube channel. Well, maybe I am not that great about them yet, but I feel really contendedthat I am working towards them and it is indeed, raising my confidence.

College life usually lets you do a lot of trips, but the closest to my heart is when I went on a solo trip to Mumbai, where I explored the city, met my friends, experienced so many new things, and relished so many great moments which gives me a good laugh even today. I believe, Solo travels pushes you out of your comfort zone and lets you meet yourself.

I love to talk to various people and see how everybody has such different and blooming perspectives about similar things. I feel so good to the way this whole college phase has evolved me as a person till now, and I am looking forward to learn and evolve more in the coming years of my college but most importantly create more bags full of memories and moments that would be forever close to my heart.

Anushree Garg
B Tech Computer Science
3rd Year
University of Petroleum and energy studies
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