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Life is a journey with problems to solve, lessons to learn, and most importantly, experiences to enjoy : Shreyas Maheshwari , Jindal Global Law School

Humans of Campus

“I believe “life is a journey with problems to solve, lessons to learn, and most importantly, experiences to enjoy.”

I was a PCM Student and had absolutely no plans of pursuing Law until the end of my Pre-Board exams when I actually realised how intrigued I was by the field of Law. It was then when I decided to give entrance exams for both Law and Engineering, but finally ended up being a student at Jindal Global University. I don’t rest with even an iota of regret for taking admission into JGU for my graduation, in fact, I believe it was one of the wisest decisions I’ve taken this far. It was a great place for me, where I have been able to learn a lot, met wonderful people and created some extraordinary memories.



In true sense, my University life has helped me to grow in every possible aspect of life. It has groomed and shaped me from a teenager at the cusp of adulthood to the Man I am today. These will be those golden chapters of my life, wherein I learnt a lot from making acquaintances to becoming family, from unlearning parts of ourselves to accepting the various other cultural norms and values while moving towards my goals. University life has moulded and refined my personality to a great extent. It was the perfect balance between academic rigour and advancing personality. In this intellectually stimulating journey, I developed a deeper sense of thinking, critical perspective and a sensitive understanding of social-political issues.



Since my childhood, I have always aimed to exercise leadership roles with duties and responsibilities to be fulfilled, and to deliver as a great leader by pragmatically making the most of the leadership skills I possess. But, after coming to JGU, I realised that becoming a leader starts with taking minor steps towards a major purpose. I started volunteering for the Cultural and Sports Festivals namely, Biswamil and Magnus, with a dedicated sense of learning and further implementation of the same. With a promise of staunch perseverance and off-centred ideas, I finally became the Chairperson of both the festivals of JGU and lead the student community. Challenges of a leader are never-ending. Each new day there are new challenges and new lessons to be learnt. But the most important one is to go beyond the mile, the fight would be hard but never ever give up on yourselves nor your team.



I believe if it weren’t a University like JGU which gave me the platform to be a leader and helped to me grow as one, to improve and enhance my leadership skills, all these aims would have been a mere admiration. I am proud that these experiences at the University have sculpted me so well that I was awarded for my Leadership Skills on various occasions. These 5 years have developed a deep sense of gratitude, sense of accomplishment and pride. Moreover, the experience of representing the University internationally at the Stetson International Environmental Moot Court Competition was a lifetime experience which opened new horizons for me. I believe growth is a two-way process and I was fortunate enough to grow along with the University.




I graduated in the batch which is already tagged with the uniqueness that is shared by very few others in the history. We were geared to face challenging times from witnessing the petrifying times of Jaat Riots in Haryana in our first year to graduating with flying colours in the current time of the global pandemic. My University life has come to an end lately, but what will stay with me forever are my camaraderie, my friendships, my shared memories and my experiences. Now, having graduated from the Law School, I have realised that at each and every nook and corner, the University has helped me to grow in some unknown but amazing ways.


Years down the line, when I’ll see pictures back from the University with friends having a good time, I’ll definitely land up smiling silently, I believe that’s the beauty of University life.  There will never again be an experience as fulfilling and arduous as law school. It stays with one even after they have scaled the ladder of success.”

Shreyas Maheshwari

B.B.A., LL.B. ( Hons.)

Jindal Global Law School

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