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FAILURE, BETRAYAL, GETTING MISLED and anything that has to do with giving up has never stopped me from putting my foot into things that fascinate me – Ayushi Baaliyan , College of Vocational Studies, DU

Ayushi Baaliyan , College of Vocational Studies, DU.



FAILURE, BETRAYAL, GETTING MISLED and anything that has to do with giving up has never stopped me from putting my foot into things that fascinate me. Rather, these situations bring out the best in me. The person I am today is totally different from the person I was in high school. I was a nonchalant girl who could not adjust or do a thing out of her comfort-zone. But then, getting admission  in Delhi University(College of Vocational Studies), turned out to be the end of my “strawberry world” surrounded by me and my favorite people. Duh! at some point, all bubbles burst!





On the Orientation day, I saw ‘Manthan- The Fashion Society of CVS’ ( @Manthancvs ) performing and it was an eye candy for me since fashion and styling always had an upper hand in my lifestyle. I auditioned and got selected into the society and I realized it demanded dedication and a lot of hard work. On the parallel side, I also realized that I really enjoyed working under pressure, and that pressure was the driving force which helped me perform even better along with the guidance of our President. He not only taught us how to manage emotions but also how to handle situations smartly, which made a huge impact on my life, and I would always be indebted to him.






I put my heart and soul in Manthan and my selfless dedication left a mark and I was given the responsibility to handle the society as the President in 2019. I was overwhelmed since I got the opportunity to look after a ten year old legacy.

I proved myself as a potential leader by not only maintaining the consistent record and keeping the team united despite all the ups and downs but also by taking Manthan to Greater heights. 




I am blessed to have a family that has constantly encouraged me to give my best at everything and friends who never stopped believing in me even when I made irreversible mistakes. My journey  may not be as compromising and tough as a lot of people, but it was full of surprises and I have learnt a lot from each revelation. I am a better version of myself today and I’m grateful for that. 


Ayushi Baaliyan 

English Honours 

2nd Year 

College of Vocational Studies, DU

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