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Never give up on your dreams, Just keep going and you will get what you deserve – Annie Sharma , Hansraj College, Delhi University

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I always wanted to get into one of the “North Campus Colleges”. Unfortunately, my score was nothing when compared to the cutoffs of DU’s top colleges. From 10th standard, I started learning dance, my family forced me to focus on my studies as for Indian parents studies holds more value than our talents, but I was determined and gave my best at ECA trials. My ECA Rank gave me the opportunity of getting admission in these top colleges of DU. Finally I decided to take admission in Hansraj College, DU.


Wherever I am today is because of Dance. I decided to join Oorja- The Western and Street Dance Society of Hansraj college. My college life also revolves mainly around my Dance Society.I joined Hansraj as Annie and soon became Oorja wali ladki!

Being a member of a dance society is both physically as well as mentally challenging. From rigorous practices and managing with so many people to performing in every fest, It has given me uncountable life lessons, taught me true team spirit, helped me socialize with people from different colleges.

My growth in dance and the various opportunities that it has given me is an answer to all those people who questioned my choice of cultivating my skill over studies.





My first year taught me how to turn yourself from nothing to everything, as today being the Vice President of my society all the hard work and patience paid off. Today my heart beems with pride when I glance at what I have become. I have experienced so many things already and can’t wait to explore more in the next two years of my college life.

Classical Dance Or Western Dance, it’s a question that everybody use to ask. And I always say one should not stick to only one thing that you are good at. I like exploring all domains. At times, it becomes difficult to manage both the forms with academics but I decided to take the chance and see if I had it in me to balance it all.



The one advice I would like to give is “Never give up on your dreams.”Just keep going and you will get what you deserve.

Annie Sharma

B.A Programme, 1st year

Hansraj College,Delhi University

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