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Humans of Campus


Getting into the University of Delhi (DU) was my end goal and yes I made into it, though couldn’t make it to the college of my dreams. I couldn’t because some xyz factors created a mental setback in my mind and eventually turned into a misanthropist until I found a group of people who introduced me to Monoliths (the Comsoc of MLNCE, DU). This brought positivity to my belief. Formerly being the pioneer and vice-president of my school’s commerce society, I made it a point to put in the best I can and take the society at least one step ahead from where my seniors will left, and create a stronger base for juniors to work upon.


The best thing about societies at the University of Delhi is that you get hell lot of exposure and ample opportunity to work with a team. a team of people from a variety of backgrounds. One thing that I learned and held on to was that as a person you may be omniscient, but at the end of the day, you need to have a variety of thoughts in your plans and actions. This comes from a team.


Hardly do I get fatigued of working as the President of Monoliths because every effort that I put in, adds to my skill set. Be it being harsh on your teammates for their wrong, or apologizing and consoling them for my wrongdoings, each aspect somewhere or the other, adds to my experiences and skillsets. Initially, I used to be a very impatient and outrageous person for like past 4 to 5 years, but after getting responsibilities on my plate, I turned out to be a patient man miraculously.


Conducting events have always been a challenging task for each one of us in the team. Collecting funds from various sponsors, choosing a perfect marketing pathway to attract apt participants, and executing the event as per the plan has been an enthralling experience.

If one would ask me to objectify the benefits of being in a good society, I would say:

  • Friends
  • Exposure to the unknown world.
  • Purpose to visit college xD
  • And on a personal note: An opportunity to execute your fantasies.


There is a very small phrase that I always follow, which says “Put in your best, and the rest will fall into place”. (Not very sure if you can find this on google). I am following this for the past 2 years, and I’ve able to manage things like a cakewalk.


Aditya Sen

President (Monoliths, MLNCE, DU)

Bcom Hons.

III Year

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