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Aman Agrawal , Humans of XUB ( Xavier University Bhubaneswar )

Xavier University Bhubaneswar


5 CAT, 4 XAT, 3 SNAP/NMAT, 2 IIFT/TISSNET AND 1 MICAT and the next thing happened to me was XUB. Confused?? Whether it’s a success story or a failure one? So was I before getting into XUB. MBA was something I dreamt of in 2010. After preparing for 3 years and cracking CAT in first attempt itself in 2013 to converting IIM Trichy and skipping NMIMS interviews, I was not very happy while joining XUB. My MBA was more like Chhappan Bhog ka Prasad. It had everything: From thinking of dropping the course in initial days to Godrej Loud Video and winning Vaktavya 2019, From getting rejected from all the committees to managing to get into the Xlens and Xquizzite (Two committees with the least applications) as a shadow, from all the positive attention to the negative publicity(sometimes fake), I realised that this was an MBA. Morals, Skills, and Talent ain’t enough. Networking, Flattering and Playing Smart were equally important to success too. Sadly, I lacked all six of them. So Do I regret my admission in XUB? Absolutely Not.



XUB gave me a blank canvas where I could put my ideas into implementation easily (Admin supported me throughout as they believed in me) and I doubt if it were this simple had I joined the other institutes so as it is said, You can always connect the dots looking backwards, I could see how everything happened for a reason. From a Stage Artist to an HR Manager and the Professional Quiz Master, from Rejection Committee to THE Xlens to sarcastic mails  to PRESM, from a breakup to falling in love again just to have an another recap, from hundreds of compliments to 1000s of criticisms, from the ever Supporting Coterie to the worthy Nemesis, From an arrogant stupid attention seeking guy to an arrogant stupid guy who matters, From a Clueless Spoilt Brat to a Man with a Dream job, a Startup and a PURPOSE. If not HR, I actually became the Master Of One thing: Life.



This Journey got me the best of the rewards and the sweetest of the revenges but took away the peace of my life. Was it all worth? No. Not at all. But did I enjoy? Yes, Absolutely. Just to put an End to this for lifetime and to learn the Art of Moving On.

-Aman Agrawal

Xavier University Bhubaneswar



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