Humans of Campus

Each of us explore our path differently in our own unique way so it is okay to be unprepared sometimes because you never know what life will bring for you – Nikunj Malhotra , DDUC , DU

Humans of Campus

One day I saw a poster of orientation of dance society of my college – ‘Raaga’ and i thought how cool it’ll be to be in a dance society. The next day due to fear and panic of getting insulted i decided not to audition but somewhere i wanted to and i was shaking that day but i took a step and i performed really well and I got selected.
Many quit in the first week because giving 4-5 hours everyday isn’t easy but it was worth it. Sometimes i thought that this isn’t the place for me. But the seniors and rest of my teammates provided me with such love, warmth and friendliness that i couldn’t leave but i still felt discouraged sometimes Then a big day came for me and a couple of people came from DDF ( delhi dance fever) to select the DDF fresher from our college and after some tasks i was very surprised to see that i was given the title of DDF fresher and that day i realised that i can dance better and i can do better and my team was very helpful and friendly towards me.
I was being recognised and felt very comfortable with my teammates. We went to an outstation trip to perform where we bonded and did very well on stage too. I was very happy for finally getting my chance on stage.
Day by day our bond grew stronger and we started giving more hours towards practices as FEST SEASON was upon us. The best part of my college life is the fest season. Arriving at different metro stations everyday, finding a spot for our practice in various colleges, the costumes, the run throughs, the appreciation, the applause , the fun, the laughter, the bond , the cheer, and most importantly the thrill of performing on stage, the fear, the panic and the excitement to perform in front of live audience were the best parts of my college life and skipping classes and asking for attendance was also fun.
I am working as a class 12 Accountancy Teacher side by side and managing the two wasn’t easy at all but it was worth it. I couldn’t thank my team enough for providing me with such level of ease and comfort, love and laughter & bond and joy. I love my teammates whole heartedly and they mean a lot to me because they believed in me that i can do well on stage as well as teach side by side, that i can be more than an overweight nerd. It is because of them i realised my full potential. I got a family out of a bunch of dancers.I decided to give an audition, overcome my fear and take a step that day proved to be one of the best decisions of my life. Back then i used to believe that ‘Being a part of something special makes you special’ but my team made me realise that ‘something is special because you are a part of it.’ I love you Raaga.
Each of us explore our path differently in our own unique way so it is okay to be unprepared sometimes because you never know what life will bring for you.
Nikunj Malhotra
A Teacher, a Dancer and a Learner


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