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Everything happens for a reason and in fact a good one – Kanak Purohit , Jindal Global Law School

Humans of Campus


Going back a little in time, though I adapt with my surroundings well, who likes change as such. So I was born in Jodhpur, Rajasthan and was comfortable at Dadi’s house being the youngest then was given all the attention. In 2005 my father got a promotion and had to shift to Mumbai, Maharashtra.


Whoa, what a lifestyle change I experienced!! So hence my bringing up was in Mumbai and the attitude Mumbaikars have i still have it. In 7th standard I was again told that we are going back to Jodhpur for my grandparents were not keeping well. I did not want to come back here but who knew that I will find gems of people and make relationships of lifetime.

Now the fact that the rest of my schooling was to be done from here DPS, Jodhpur was an amazing exposure for me.

Law school was never part of the plan, IITB was but soon in the end of 11th class (having PCBM) I realised I wanted to be a lawyer and can be really good at being one.


I got a lot of opportunities and most especially became the deputy head girl of my batch even after all kind of things that were said about me and happened to me.I have literally gone through every high school trauma that one can imagine “for a girl”, the only thing that kept me going was the future , the hope that I will win over it all.

So many people who were the reason for my depression are today coming back and seeking help, and me being me helped them. Cause one thing that i have learned is that you should always forgive not forget. Forgive the people who did wrong to you cause that would be good for your own peace but do not forget and let them do it again with you.

The reason I run a mental health page and help people is because I know what all can happen and I know that it will be okay.


To anyone who is reading this have faith in God or the universe ..cause at the end it will all work out  for the best

Kanak Purohit

2nd Year

Jindal Global Law School

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