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Fashion and mysteries sprinkled with lots of passion made one delicious dish – Aashima Chanana , Amity university, noida.

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Coming from the “cool” but career oriented family, I was always pampered with whatever I wanted but it came with a price “Marks”. Every saturday and sunday were meant for lectures on how to be focused, maintaining grades and how I can make an impact on my younger sister to score good marks and trust me IT WAS TOUGH. When I was in 10th class, mom and I decided I should become a doctor as we had no doctor in our family. So I dedicated my days and nights for studying and eventually got good marks and took science stream. 11th and 12th were THE years of my life. In these years I actually experienced what school life is about, but in these years I decided what course I should pursue, which was BDS.


A year went with all the focus of becoming a dentist until one day when my biology teacher was telling us about Forensics, that word “Forensics” got into my mind. Being a huge fan of CID and Nancy Drew , I changed my mind from becoming a dentist and entered into the world of murders and homicides. When I told my mom, she was fine with it and dedicated her time into gathering all the information about forensics, but deciding it was not all. I did terrible in my preboards and got only 60%.


I was shattered but didn’t lose hope. I spent my mornings with biology sample papers, nights with physics sample papers and weekends with chemistry. 2nd May, 2019 , the surprise result declaration by CBSE, I was sleeping when I my mom called me from her office “Aashi result aagya hai” I hopped out of the bed, checked the results and was shocked to get 90%, crying I called my mother and told her my results.


Till july everything came in place I had great 12th score, got admission in Amity University for Forensic Science and went on an international trip with my best friend. First day of college was very exciting, entering into a whole new world. My subjects were everything that I imagined. We also have a class where fake crime scenes are created for the students to investigate! How cool na?? I made new friends, lost old friends, regretted but I just went with the flow.

I was always keen of dressing up, wearing new clothes and was actually complimented by many but never had that courage to open my Instagram page plus my family wanted me to focus only on my studies. Then lockdown happened, bored at home I thought why don’t I give it a try. I did and it went so well that my first IGTV had 1k+ views!!

After that there was no turning back, I have a 1.6k strong family and we are growing everyday. I am actually happy now, and doing great in both my fields wishing to continue both like these.

I also wonder whether I will be allowed to enter the crime scene with my boss lady outfit looks.

Aashima Chanana (H) Forensic science

2nd year

Amity university, noida.

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