Food Industry Post Covid  – The Unforseen Prospect by Venky Iyer, Founder and CEO of Goli Vada Pav

30th May 2020, 11 am to 12pm


Fireside Chat with Venky Iyer, Founder and CEO of Goli Vada Pav

“When you want something; all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” -Paulo Coelho


The story of Mr. Venky Iyer, Founder and CEO of Goli Vada Pav definitely justifies this quote!


Who would believe that the same Vada Pav, which is usually sold in an unhygienic manner would become a pan-India brand with 350+ outlets? Despite numerous hardships, Mr. Iyer achieved his dream of making Vada Pav big and famous! So famous, that the Harvard Business School also published a case study on Goli Vada Pav!


Even in tough times like today, Mr. Iyer is optimistic about the future prospects of his business, and is actively involved in serving the people worst-hit by the pandemic.


E-Cell IIT Bombay is proud to host the noble foodpreneur in a Fireside Chat with Mr. Harsh Pamnani Bestselling Author of “Booming Brands”, also appreciated by the Government of India.


Catch them live by registering on -Click Here , for absolutely free.


The details of the session are-

Date: 30th May 2020, Saturday

Time: 11 am to 12pm

Topic: Food Industry post-Covid: The Unforeseen Prospect


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