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Humans of Campus – Tanya Mehta , KNC, DU

“ To me, KNC is Knowing myself, New experiences & Creativity "


“ To me, KNC is Knowing myself, New experiences & Creativity. It is the place I have spent the best three years of my life, the place I have met my life long friends, and most importantly, the place of knowing myself. I still remember my first day of college. I came here bubbling with zest, creativity and lots of excitement. I always struggled with self esteem during my school days. But as I am passing out, all I can be sure is that I have discovered myself. I do feel measure of pride & self esteem as I leave this phase of my life.Getting an opportunity to lead as the President of Findicate was like a far fetched dream. It was perhaps a challenging role, but enabled me to gain confidence and new learning, that have shaped me into a better human. It expanded my leadership skills to work with a team, sticking to my values, delegating & interacting with new people! From participating in events to arranging one, I got a platform of self confidence and to prove my self.From a girl who was always just into her books, these 3 years turned me to discover my latent creativity, spirits and thinking. I made friends who became kind of family. We ate together, fought, cried, laughed, supported and did every useless thing. I’ve met the best people here. From dancing at freshers to performing a skit, I tried every new thing during these years. Each day was a new day, with new challenges which helped me grow as a person. My pocket is filled with endless memories, newfound confidence and friends to last a lifetime.

And yes! How can I forget to thank those who got us here, Google, Wikipedia, copy & paste!

‘Knc isn’t just a college to me,

But a place of self discovery!

I have evolved into a birdie,

Flying with wings of dignity!

To those infinite moments snapped in gigabyte,

You’ll be cherished forever to make my heart bright.

To the place that saw me bloom,

You’ll be just in memories soon.’ “

– Tanya Mehta

Bcom Honours

3rd year

Kamala Nehru College, DU


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