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I could say that my journey from being a bedroom introvert to a high functioning extrovert is the biggest and best achievement of my life, since it changed everything for me. – Sanchit Thapa UPES, Dehradun


I could say that my journey from being a bedroom introvert to a high functioning extrovert is the biggest and best achievement of my life, since it changed everything for me.

Greetings everyone, strap in for the journey of my life and how its been one hell of a roller-coaster.

I’ll give a little insight on how I am now, so you can see just how much my life and personality has changed over the years.

I love to party, completely going all out and having a blast. I love to meet people and interact with new ones, its so much that I talk to nearly a 100 people on the day to day basis in college. I’ve always been into sports, drama and dancing a lot. I’m not academically one to study 20 hours a day, but I always manage to get myself pretty good marks and consistently throughout the years. I have a clear aim in the future now, I want to be one of the most dynamic marketing managers that the corporate world has seen, And I’m on my way to achieve that feat.

Ever since I started schooling, I was one of the most introverted people ever. It would be like you’ve kept a Spanish in between a bunch of Italians. I wouldn’t talk to most people at all, it would normally be 3 friends of mine for an entire year.

And when you’re an introvert changing school’s almost every 2-3 years, it really takes a toll as I wasn’t really able to settle in anywhere and as I almost did, I had to move schools since we kept moving from place to place.

I’d say that sums up my schooling all the way till 7th grade, where I didn’t even try to make an effort for making friends at one point but then something changed.

I entered this new school Delhi Private School, Dubai in 8th and again, I was given a new start. A new chance. I was always regarded as the fat kid who doesn’t speak to anyone, and body shaming did have a huge effect to my self-confidence. They say that high school makes or breaks you, but things got worse before they got better.

My 8th, 9th and 10th were complete mix of emotions and a lot of problems. I was bullied for something that I did for nearly 2 years completely and everyone tagged me as a Desperate fat boy. And it affected it mentally to the point of high sadness, never really hit depression even though those two years I didn’t talk to anyone at all.

That was my life till most of 10th. The worst start I’ve had at a school and this one ended up being the school I spent the last 5 years inside.

But the final two years of my school I completely turned around my life, I decided that I would just stop giving everyone attention and do my own to prove that I’d been wrongly titled.

I did a lot of dance performances, played for the school in cricket and badminton, took interests in MUN and all sorts of debating, public speaking etc. And before 12th began, everyone started to finally see me for myself and not what I was portrayed by some as, a desperate.

By the end, I was seen as one of the most popular boys in school, and I was super proud of what I had achieved over the years and how I went from a boy who never opened his mouth because he was too shy and not at all confident, to working hard on myself and my body and being one of the most popular and extroverted one in the entire school. I would talk to everyone in the grade and my juniors, some I’m still close with.


My college journey is another wild story so far. I came back to Dehradun for my university from Dubai, started studying in UPES and as you can already predict, I had everyone teasing me “dubai, Dubai” and honestly it was annoying. But the sole difference was that this time I wasn’t shy. Our orientation classes began, and I blew everyone out the water. I took command in tasks and gave presentations on the regular while speaking confident and everything that I had learnt of my schooling time. And by the time the first month of college was over, I had a huge name in college. Being in first year only, a lot of my seniors and nearly all my batchmates in the entire BBA knew me.

I maintained a fine GPA of 8.6 in my first semester and travelled across a lot of places such as drives to Mussoorie, all around Dehradun and drives on my bullet to the middle of forests with a couple friends on some occasions. It was all fun and amazing while it lasted.

I’ve become part of one of India’s finest dramatics in Xhileration Dramatics Crew, been the CR of my Digital Marketing domain ever since day one, I got a full 65/65 vote for being the CR of my class after the orientation classes. Became the only student of my batch to get my Mother’s photo and testimonial uploaded on the main college website which is a massive feat and taken part in many events. Part of the Ignite 2020 PR and Marketing team and given a leader and a head role in an entire student council wing known as ‘The Influencers’, who are made from the most influential personalities in the entire college.

I’ve been lucky enough to be offered 3 jobs in my first year of college itself, even during this pandemic situation of COVID-19. I flew back from Dubai to India one day prior to flights lockdown so as to take care of my grandparents but away from my own parents. Been here and taking care of them since its begun so that my parents can rest assured in Dubai that they aren’t faced with any problems.

Life can throw many tricky situations at you, COVID-19 being one of those tricky situations on the large scale. You can either sit around and let yourself be unproductive, or you can maybe take some tips from my story and make a change, even if its for family.

We don’t realize that tricky situations also come from the smallest of problems throughout my schooling life, but you should know that self confidence and believing in what you are will take you a long way in life.


This is my story in a nutshell. Thank you so much for joining me in my reminiscing story, hope it was a one worth remembering.

Sanchit Thapa

UPES, Dehradun

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