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I don’t know whether I’m actually making a mark of my own, but I surely do know one thing, we only get what we fight for, not what we deserve -Mayul Manav , Zakir Husain Delhi College, University of Delhi

Humans of Campus


Just like many, even my choice of opting for Delhi University was one of those previously unlikely ones. For all I’d known, I’d wanted to pursue nothing else but only Economics in college and DU seemed like the go-to option for social sciences major such as this one. Besides, my idea of DU wasn’t necessarily built around the big names such as “SRCC”, “Stephens”, “Hansraj” etc. but around the imaginations of red walls (from the looks of bollywood movies and newspapers), big white buildings and the infamously famous but stereotyped hostel lives.

Considering the fact that I enlisted for an off campus college as a commuting (and not resident) student, it’d be fair to say none of these have ever truly been realized.

So when I stepped into my first week of college at Zakir Husain Delhi College, rest assured, the shocks I experienced were in fact phenomenal, hard hitting and at best, enlightening.

From completely zero, nada confidence in taking a stand without a teacher’s backing (school spoil’s us, yes) to fighting up the deck (with faculty members and even the HODs) and eventually, co-founding and heading the department’s student body, I experienced growth in myself.

Contrary to popular belief, the notion of “societies” goes way beyond just the believed prospects of arts and cultural talents;

University of Delhi offers its students an amazingly wide range of societies, including those related to internships, start ups, fashion, event management and even book clubs!

The best part about the University is that even in the presence of institutional demarcations, students, teachers and people across colleges leave no stone un-turned in connecting with each other, even if they’re from different colleges; and that’s exactly the privilege I was blessed with when Ecospire, the Economics Society of Shaheed Bhagat Singh College (Morning) recruited me as their very first guest member. This happiness was supplemented when I got a chance to work and write with the economics societies at Miranda House College, Kalindi College , Sri Aurobindo College (Evening) and Delhi Technological University.

Speaking of relationships, I’d made good friends out of strangers, which come to think of it, in the two years since first year, have become a family I genuinely never ever want to let go off;

Suryansh, Simran, Niha, Abhishek, Mehak, Sangbid and so many other people I came across in college; all these people are ambitious in their own individual ways, and those ambitions in turn, have definitely offered me the room for growth that’s essential for me to level up in this journey of college and life.

I don’t know whether I’m actually making a mark of my own, but I surely do know one thing, we only get what we fight for, not what we deserve;

And these 3 years have definitely conditioned me for the challenges life’s to throw at me.

It’s extremely difficult to achieve something tangibly positive in the college space, at the same time, it’s equally easy to let that contentment get over your head; except, the people around you? As much as they’d be the first to toss you in the air for celebration, they’d also be the ones to keep you grounded in case you’re flying too high and too much.

And that’s my lesson,

Since the very first day in college, make connections with each and everyone, get close to as many people as possible, and build a healthy, two-way relationship with as many people as possible, because as soon you stop doing so?

You’re closing doors to the infinitesimally many amazing opportunities of growth, both for your personal as well as professional well being.

And come to think of it, the degree of freedom this phase of life offers us, that is simply of the highest degree in comparison to any other phase in the rest of our lives since,

All we’ve to worry about is just making the best out of everything college life offers us,

Be it meeting new people, building relationships, checking items off our bucket lists, trying our hands on literally all of our “start up idea” without the risk of any loss in the near future and just so many more things,

That you guys, that unparallel freedom? It is the beauty of it!

The University offers you a place for a holistic, inclusive and temperament encouraging (environment for) growth which I really don’t think any other University in the world can; why?

Well, there are no less than 90+ colleges with at least half a dozen colleges that fall under the “minority by religious communities” category and a handful more which are by the composition of gentry either Muslim and/or Sikh dominated;

Except, even after so many grounds of possible differences and escalations, we’re still intact, our thought processes, tolerance, ability and (grooming to be) accommodating of even the most dynamically different viewpoints and belief systems;

Our entire fabric is still and continues to be intact and healthy!

The growth this University space offers is therefore unlike to every other institution out there and regardless of the college, with the right motivations, intentions and reasons, the opportunities are just amicably abundant.

Zakir Husain Delhi College is and will always be the best decision of my life so far. This college, through the means of its people and institution, has not only offered me friends which have now become my family, my inner circle, but has in fact given me the most suitable environment to develop a progressive, hard working and curious thought process, be it education and/or perspectives wise.

The college teaches one to be competitive, smart and hard-working but at the same time to be empathetic, responsible, and to be always, a good sport.


At least in the last 2 and a half years since starting, everything I have today, my friends, my skills, my talents, my writing and non-writing works, everything, every single thing.

I owe it to this very college.

This stupid, wonderful, boring, amazing college!

And I’ll forever be grateful to it.

Mayul Manav

BA (H) Economics , 3rd Yr.

Zakir Husain Delhi College, University of Delhi

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