Humans of Campus

Life is not a race and for those who say it is; well, you may gladly finish first then – Karman Khanna , GIM Goa

Humans of Campus


                                                 Humans of Campus


“I grew up in the city that is known to never sleep. Like most Mumbaikars even I swore by the thought that no other city compares to Mumbai. And honestly, maybe no city does. But with time I surely did outgrow the fancy of big city life.

This time was my time in Ahmedabad. Having spent three and a half years on the MICA campus, pursuing my doctoral thesis in “human-object communication,” reoriented my perspective to the generally considered “inanimate” world around us. I realized how little we need to be content in life. There were months, I literally lived out of a suitcase. And I loved it.

Today I live on campus of the Goa Institute of Management in Sanquelim, North Goa. From the “city that never sleeps” to a city-like-state known for its “sussegado.” That’s quite a leap, one would say. However, the campus is a multicultural land in itself, with students and faculty members from across the country.

Over the year and a half I’ve been on this campus, the security guards have mistaken me for a student innumerable times. And if that wasn’t enough, a student once scolded me for using the cell phone in the faculty block. In my defense, as a faculty member facilitating the communication course at the institute, I could use the cell phone there.



I have gradually grown to realize my place on the blackboard side of the table, albeit keeping in mind the needs of the students on the other side. All in all my time on GIM campus has been everything but disappointing. 50 acres of the GIM campus is my home, my workplace; perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

I realize I should have written, “today I live on campus of the Goa Institute of Management with my partner, Priya Kataria.” If the world’s a stage and we are the actors, this campus has seen most of my changing roles – from a doctoral pass out, to a professor, to a spouse, to an aspiring kalimba player. I just cannot discount the role of my best half, Priya, in supporting me to reach this very moment – a happy one.



Through the lockdown, I spent hours playing the kalimba that she gifted me and it was only with her insistence that I have an Instagram page, “thegoankalimba” with nearly 200 followers and counting.



From a student of science to graduating as an advertising professional, working in sales and marketing to conducting research on objectum-sexuality, and finally landing up as a professor in Goa, that’s a snapshot of my journey so far. Where next? The universe will guide and I will follow. Cheers!”

Karman Khanna



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