Pandemic – Not an End of the World by Pravin Dagdee

UPES Webinar Series - Heartfulness Connecting Within


Not able to push yourself for daily workouts? For developing a new skill? Or to make your days anyway productive?

Don’t worry, because we’ve got you! Below we provide you your weekly dose of mental calm !
Yes, fellas! UPES Heartfulness Science & Spirituality Club brings you an exhilarating Webinar series- ‘Connecting Within’ which starts from this Thursday, i.e. 21st May 2020. It shall consist of various insightful sessions on every coming Thursday to keep you going!

The first session is by Mr. Pravin Dagdee ( @pravindagdee ), an Industry expert at UPES and a heartfulness trainer to enlighten us on “ Pandemic – Not an end of the world ”. @heartfulness_upes

Come all, to wipe out this mental exhaustion and negativity within by finding an opportunity in every challenging thing.

YouTube : Heartfulness UPES, Dehradun

Join the session – Click here

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