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“Reaching your destination seems easier when you meet people along your journey” – Ira shah, Flame University.

Humans of Campus


I got into Flame in 2018 and ever since then it every day has been an experience. Flame was my first choice of college as I wanted to do liberal arts and it was a residential campus even for students who were from Pune, which includes me! So I used to spend my week at Flame and weekends at home. I got the best of both worlds I would say.

Flame has a huge campus and is a little aloof from the city, hence, Flame does have a lot going on within the campus to keep us entertained and occupied. Sure academics also do that but for a person like me, I feel extracurricular activities and events keep me going. So in my first year, I tried out everything that I could, I took part in the dance club, became part of many house events whether it was cultural or sports, and took initiative in college fests like Kurukshetra and first-cut. I also participated in other college events like Xaviers, Isme, symbiosis, and BITS Goa.

All these things were fun and exciting in the first year, as I got to meet so many people and make new friends on campus and obviously learn from them. But the trials and errors in my first year helped me to choose my major in my second year and made me realize what I should be focusing on.

Before joining Flame I used to be a Kathak dancer and I played Volleyball. So I knew that I would continue that in Flame. And Flame did allow me to do so. It improved my game, I got selected in the team and we participated in a lot of competitions and also won the symbiosis fest title. I even got awarded as the best player in that fest, which was pretty fun. That was also the first year when the Flame girls volleyball team ever won a competition and hence we were allowed to go to BITS goa and play there. It was such a great experience! Though we placed second, the experience and the joy of staying with your teammates and playing one of the best matches with your team against a tough team and winning it to make it to the finals was just unreal. Volleyball was something that I always knew I would continue at Flame but something that was unexpected was my interest in films.

I coincidentally volunteered for this film festival that flame organizes every year. It is called Flame FirstCut and personally, that is my favorite festival that happens on campus. I was part of the logistics team but then it was such a small committee that on the days of the festival everyone helps out and becomes part of each other’s committee. The beauty of this film festival is that A) it is a student-run festival and it gives a platform for all the student filmmakers to showcase their films internationally and B) It is a small and cute festival where there was no hierarchy for work. I had a great experience and made some amazing friends including my heads. They were the best seniors who always helped us and always had fun. Because of this festival, I also ended up working on graduation films which made me realize my interest in films and media. Hence, these extracurricular activities helped me choose my major which is communication studies wherein I do Film and Advertising courses.

Second-year was again a different experience. I still played volleyball but also focused on first cut. I headed the logistics department along with my friend and got a different experience.
I think Flame has taught me a lot of things and not only academically. In my second year, I tried to focus on what exactly I wanted to do and my major allowed me to do that, wherein I experimented with my courses and ultimately realized I was interested in making content.

The campus itself has given me so much! I think I have memories of every part of the campus. The mess taught me how food tastes better when you are having it with people and how each conversation in the mess whether it was intense or some random talk, unknowingly has been a cherishing memory.
The library taught me how campus libraries are never meant to study, they just help us to share our stress and break the silence. The sports complex taught me that losses and winnings both are sweeter when shared with teammates. The classrooms did teach some academics that I hardly remember but I do miss saving seats for my buddies and waiting for breaks together. And lastly, my hostel apartment taught me how there can be two homes and home is not about the address but about the people you stay with.

 Ira shah, Flame University

Ira shah, Flame University

Unfortunately, my third year was conducted online and my campus fun became memories. Now I am sitting home, learning less and missing more. I feel I can study well when I am surrounded by people and I surely grow more as a person when I am with people because people inspire me and I think Flame has given me a lot of such inspirations in the form of teachers, friends, seniors, teammates, and my flatmates. I hoped to get inspired soon and I am thankful for this opportunity!



Ira shah, 3rd Year,

BBA/CommunicationsFlame University. Major: communication studies

Minor: psychology

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