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Sharing your story will not only help you, but also empower those who might be going through something similar or even worse – Rijul Gupta , Symbiosis, Noida

Humans of Campus


I remember walking through the halls of Symbiosis, Noida for the very first time. I vaguely remember seeing unknown faces and unfamiliar rooms. I remember meeting strangers who are now my friends.

Now, during quarantine, more than ever, these memories are hitting harder. I’m reminiscent of the times I had maggi and coffee in college, the times we bunked classes to go places, the birthdays that were celebrated, the childish nature of my first year self and the embarrassing moments that were necessary to make my college life complete. Looking back, I’m remembering and cherishingall the love and the friendships.

I’m now in my third year and all these memories and many more have been engrained into my brain and I couldn’t be more thankful.

I’m not going to lie, college has had its ups and downs; but all those ups and downs have taught me so much, each memory of college has taught me something different and in turn I have tried to understand every one of those memories and learn new things.

One of the many things I realized, was the importance of mental health and I understood how crucial it is.

In my second year of college, when I looked around at the people around me and took a look at myself as well, I discerned that this is a pressing issue in our society today. However, it is not put up on the tables for discussion owing to the huge stigma that comes with mental illness. These issues are laughed off thereby making people feel ashamed to come out and talk about it.

Having struggled with it myself, mental health holds a very special place in my heart. I can understand how ‘small’ things can have a larger impact.

I was urged to do something about it. I started a mental initiative called ‘MaanSeekh – by you, for you.’

This initiative focuses primarily on creating awareness and educating people on topics related to mental health. It seeks to break the stigma that has been lingering on in our society for ages.

I believe that even a small step like educating the masses on such crucial topics can go a long way.

MaanSeekh is always making gradual and constant efforts towards our main goal: creating awareness and spreading positivity.

Earlier in the year, we had collaborated with an NGO that caters to disabilities, both physical and mental to help raise funds. Fortunately, we ended up raising a huge amount of money for their organization.



In a world where social media plays a crucial role in influencing human beings, we have been making use of it by posting about relevant mental health issues and coming up with activities that can help bring positivity.

I believe that if one wants to speak up about their personal struggles with regards to mental health, they should. In fact, we are open to listening to you and your stories. It is nothing to be ashamed of. Sharing your story will not only help you, but also empower those who might be going through something similar or even worse.

Come join us to break the stigma at @maanseekh, you can also contact us via email at

Come out and break free from the unnecessary shackles of this stigma.

Rijul Gupta

3rd Year ; BBA

Symbiosis, Noida

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