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“Take the road less travelled “ – Anoushka Bhardwaj , Hansraj College, DU

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I am Anoushka Bhardwaj and am currently in my second year pursuing Economics Honours from Hansraj College, DU.

I have always been fiercely sporty and studious. I remember going for Nationals on many occasions and then sitting in the train/bus the very next moment with my books getting prepped for the exam the next day. This seemingly ‘perfectly effortless’ balancing act has continued since my school days and now is a part of my college life as well. A budding Economist at heart I am also a National Level 10M Air Pistol Shooter currently ranked as India No. 27th in the 10M Air Pistol Junior Women Category.

Anoushka Bhardwaj Hansraj College, DU
Anoushka Bhardwaj Hansraj College, DU

My father being an Army Officer has always been a terrific marksman and Shooting as I like to say is in my blood. I still remember going to range with my father and picking up the Pistol for the first time. It was electrifying and the feeling was magnetic and thus began the journey of self-realisation, sacrifices, success, failure, and consistency.

Within six months of practice, I equaled the meet record at the KSS National Shooting Championship. The beauty of this sport is that it’s all in the mind. What you perceive is what your shot shows. However, with success in the early stages of my sport in the form of a great national ranking, I started focusing on the results rather than the process, it led to anxiety and pressure. It started showing in my performance I had to go through a hard phase . Those days were hard, I would find myself struggling with my practice and emotions. I constantly worked hard on the mental aspect of Shooting and with other technical changes and support from my father I was able to bounce back stronger than ever.

Anoushka Bhardwaj Hansraj College, DU
Anoushka Bhardwaj Hansraj College, DU

I secured the first position in the DU sports trials and am truly thankful to have been able to pursue Economics and Shooting at Hansraj. I started exploring societies, expanding my social circle, meeting some amazing personalities. This place made me uncover new aspects of my personality and interests that I didn’t know existed. My first year or six months rather were full of practice, studies, grueling society work, and of course exploring places and spending time with my friends which I really miss a lot and can’t wait to get back to. You could easily spot me as the girl who would keep running from the range near the canteen to the class. My day would end with my PG mates giggling over tea and rusk and taking a walk in the Kamla Nagar market. With the pandemic, I feel overwhelmed with emotions thinking about the past but am very hopeful about the future.

My passion for oratory and social work got me introduced to HULT Prize. I founded the HULT Prize Chapter at Hansraj which Is an international organization dedicated towards social entrepreneurship. It was truly a dream come true. It gave me the opportunity to interact with people all over the world, understand their points of view, and make a difference by being an active part of the HULT movement. With the help of like-minded people in my team, we were able to host the virtual On-Campus Round successfully. This journey with HULT has been very fulfilling and I am excited to see what it holds for all of us in the future.

Anoushka Bhardwaj Hansraj College, DU
Anoushka Bhardwaj Hansraj College, DU

The pandemic brought a lot of things into perspective. I have never gone for more than a week without practice and here I was staring at canceled competitions and exams.  It was a period of introspection; some days were hard while some went by in a moment. It took me a while to understand these changes and come to terms with the fact that uncertainty has its own mysterious beauty and it’s okay to be unsure and that going with the flow is the only option you have sometimes. This time frame gave me and is still giving me a chance to catch up with my old habits of writing poetry, reading classics, dancing and fitness. I wish and hope that these pandemic days can be soon behind the world and we can resume with our interesting college lives, each one of us feeling evolved and stronger than ever. I hope and pray that everyone is safe and I know that it can get challenging sometimes but we are all in this together and will come out of it all together soon!

Anoushka Bhardwaj Hansraj College, DU
Anoushka Bhardwaj Hansraj College, DU

My message and final thoughts to everyone will be to be fearless, unconstrained, and passionate about anything and everything that you do. The goal is to live a life with no regrets, with plenty of mistakes though, each being a learning experience and a source of motivation. Be kind and be a learner, be open to opportunities and make the most of them. Most importantly, no matter what the situation is, be a fighter and be true to yourself, your values, and principles.

Anoushka Bhardwaj
2nd year,  Economics Honours from Hansraj College, DU.

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