The Google Logo Story by Ruth Kedar – 25th July , 9 pm

Design can be art. Design can be aesthetics. Design is simple yet elegant, it is beauty at its best, and that’s why it is so complicated.

APOGEE have Think Again Live’s Speaker Ruth Kedar, an artist and designer who is best known for the imaginative design behind the GOOGLE Logo (May ’99 – Sep ’15). With a degree in Architecture from Technion and Masters in design from Stanford University, Ruth Kedar was a Visiting Art Professor at Stanford University.

With her remarkable and creative knowledge in composition, she became one of the leading designers of the Adobe Deck and later designed the award-winning Analog Deck and Duolog Deck.

Join us on Airmeet on 25th July at 9 pm (IST) as the talented Ruth Kedar talks about her ideology that every problem is unique and how it’s never just about the design but the journey of how it becomes exquisite and unique.

Revoke your curiosity and explore the saga of GOOGLE Logo, hearing it all by the creator herself.

Register for the talk using the link – Click Here


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