Humans of Campus

The people you choose to surround yourself with are what truly matter. – Mehek Sandhu, Army Institute of Law, Mohali

Humans of Campus

Something that’s been fundamental to me over the years is the people I choose to surround myself with. It is crucial to surround oneself with positive and optimistic individuals who constantly and consciously challenge us to be our best selves, to embrace the goodness that already lingers somewhere inside of us. To feel complete in one’s own company is a concept I wholeheartedly believe in, but to be able to identify and nurture other’s positive qualities and want to share yours, though different but is equally important. But maybe that’s not all the reason to be in someone’s company now, is it?

Mehek Sandhu Army Institute of Law, Mohali
Mehek Sandhu Army Institute of Law, Mohali

Out of these two years of college, I’ve spent a little less than a year, physically attending it but even in those few months, I’ve managed to find people that inspire and push me to do better and most of all, are the people that make me laugh at the end of a hectic college day. Coming from an Army background, it’ll be difficult to count with both hands, the number of schools and places I’ve changed but one thing that the organisation has taught me is that I know my way around people or at least I try to. Not saying that I judge a book by its cover, but my understanding of people, of how differently they perceive situations, or of how one might react is a skill that has been sharpened and honed over time. But it was this college and the people in it that made me realise it is an actual skill I’d developed and it’s an ability that is sought for in lawyers.

I wasn’t really a sporty person before coming to college, I played a couple of games here and there but never fully focused on a sport or two. If it weren’t for my seniors encouraging me and genuinely putting in the efforts to teach me how to play, then sports probably wouldn’t have been one of the most important things I’d have accomplished in my college life and I’m glad that it is. There was never a glum moment while in college, it was always something or the other that kept us piddly first years on our toes, and god, did we enjoy it.

Mehek Sandhu Army Institute of Law, Mohali
Mehek Sandhu Army Institute of Law, Mohali

We’d just returned from a sports fest in mid-march, bagging the Overall Winner’s Trophy when a notice was issued informing us, that the students who could travel and go back home were to vacate the campus premises as soon as possible.

I was 10 days into self-isolation when I started to lose my mind, all this energy yet nowhere to utilize it, rather no willingness to utilize it. It had reached a point where for days together I wouldn’t leave my room. It was weird that one minute I was scrolling down on my phone and 5 minutes later, 6 weeks had gone by. Soon enough my friends from college started reaching out a lot more than usual, and we’d plan the simplest of activities to do together, but it was all that we need to cope with everything going on around us. From our weekly baking afternoons to dancing or painting sessions to occasionally even studying on video calls, made all the difference.

Ever since my early teens, I’ve been asked and prodded to pursue modeling but it had been a constant fear of mine to actually professionally pursue it. It took an entire lockdown worth of persuasion for me to at least consider getting a portfolio made, but till the time I was actually prepared to do this, the second wave had emerged, and yet we were yet again caged into confinement. So, I took it up with my family, to become my personal photographer here in Shimla, and it’s a strenuous work in process but at this point, I’m genuinely starting to enjoy it.

Mehek Sandhu Army Institute of Law, Mohali
Mehek Sandhu Army Institute of Law, Mohali

By far the most positive thing that I’ve discovered and accomplished this lockdown has been my Journal. Journaling doesn’t necessarily require a written form of expression, it could be a photograph, a sketch, a painting, a dried leaf, or a postcard. It is the simplest form of your emotions.

The lockdown did hit all of us pretty hard, and I know that probably if I’d waited another month or so, I would’ve gotten up on my own and started being productive, but the fact that my people were constantly there, incessantly buzzing my phone to get up and get some work done was enough motivation to get through the day happily.  To surround yourself with people doesn’t exclusively talk about your friends, it talks about the people you associate with, could be a professor or a senior, a colleague, or even your next-door friendly neighbor.

It’s times like these when we need to stand as one against the common adversary. It’s absolutely heartwarming to watch people provide constant support, help, and resources to those in need over social media. In times like these count your blessings, remember your privilege, and offer a helping hand, however possible.

Warm virtual hugs from me and mine to you and yours.

Hoping and praying that we get through this lockdown stronger and better than ever.

Mehek Sandhu
2nd year B.A.LL.B
Army Institute of Law, Mohali

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