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There are going to be millions of ups and downs but how you see them, tackle them, and what you perceive from them is what matters the most. – Priyal Pandorwala , 3rd Year , Bachelor of Art

Humans of Campus



Being a ‘Dubai kid’, shifting back to Mumbai was a big deal!

I just couldn’t imagine living a life where it’s super crowded, super polluted, super untidy and just far away from home.

Home meant UAE always since the beginning, Mumbai was just a vacation place but now it had to be accepted as home.

It was my last few days in UAE, I gave my 12th boards in 2017, bid goodbye to my friends and it was time for a new beginning. My parents were very keen and sure on me shifting back to Mumbai because they knew I always ran away from there and if not now I’ll never go back.

College hunting began, admissions were done and I got admitted to a really good college! Heard tons of stories about it, I was super thrilled to join but when I went there for the first time, I was so disappointed to know there was no campus. I imagined college life to have a campus where I go chill and have the time of my life, a super fancy campus but all I got as campus was a floor. But of course it’s ‘This college’, the name was the convincing point and I was like let’s do this! Staying a bit far away from college I had to commute from the LOCAL TRAIN!

Being a dubai kid I never even imagined using the Local, I remember asking my parents whether the colleges here have a pickup and drop bus service like how it is back in the UAE! Well, obviously it wasn’t available, so then my brother helped me understand how the Locals worked and you won’t believe now I’m an absolute pro! Like the local is always my first option because it’s less time consuming and its inexpensive!! What more do I want!

College was going fine, I made a few friends, got into the college dance team but always rushed back home as soon as I could. Never felt like spending time at college, attending college and rushing home ASAP was my ultimate goal!

Dance went well, college went well, year 1 was smooth and good and I got adjusted well.

But towards the end of year 1, I got called for a photoshoot and this was something my mom always wanted for me and I was super scared because I was an introvert, super shy and always avoiding social communication.

Mother dear super thrilled, ensured I go for it. The shoot went pretty smooth and then I started doing a few shoots for my friends and thought to myself this is really good, I am really enjoying this and I would love to do more of this.

Joined with a model training school, got my confidence up, got my walk fixed and I came out to be a new human. I learned and discovered so much more to me. That year, 2018, I went for the pageant Miss Queen of India, came in top 6, won the crown of Miss Queen of West, Miss Catwalk and Miss Fitness.

I was excited to see my mothers reaction! Because it was definitely her childhood dream come true. Later on I started to give more time to my new found passion, loved my journey, quit the dance team so I could give more time here, exploring new things, did a lot more shoots, a lot more walks and discovering a lot more about my passion.

In 2019, I signed up with an agency, but within a week of signing up my mother met with a fatal accident and everything came to standstill, my life became all about my mother. I wanted to give all my time, my everything just for her.

Quit on college to be with her, took a break from my new found passion and just stayed by her side 24*7

Not wanting to stop my education I enrolled at Mumbai University, few months in I started auditioning for things from home, if something clicked I would ask the caretaker to be with mom a little longer and finish up my work quickly and rush back home.


My mother’s fighting spirit and motivation, gave me the motivation to push myself more. Herself being the one who met with an accident, she was the one making us all happy and giving us more hope.

A year went by, it was difficult, 2020 was meant to be the year I would definitely go out there pursue my passion truly but then happened Covid-19!

And lockdown part 2 began for us after 2019’s lockdown!

But definitely we’ll never lose hope because there’s an entire life ahead of us to live

To showcase the best of us

To make a million memories

Just keep a smile, have a positive outlook, be mentally strong which is very important and understand its life, there are gonna be a million ups and downs but how you handle them, tackle them, learn from them and flow with them is what matters the most.

Priyal Pandorwala

3rd Year

Bachelor of Art

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