Webinar – Comparative Views on Litigation by Alumni Relation Society, NLUO

23rd May at 5 P.m.


The topic for the session will be “Comparative Views on Litigation”. The session will be conducted on 23rd May at 5 P.m.

The panelists for the session are as follows:- 1. Ms. Shraddha Gupta, (Batch of 2009-14), Advocate, The Law Chambers, Hyderabad.

2. Mr. Mayank Sapra, (Batch of 2009-14), Advocate, Supreme Court of India and Panel Counsel, Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India.

3. Mr. Manu Maheshwari, (Batch of 2009-14), Advocate, Maheshwari & Associates, Indore.

4. Mr. Adarsh Tripathi, ( Batch of 2009-14), Advocate, Supreme Court of India.

5. Mr. Shubhanshu Gupta, (Batch of 2010-15), Senior Associate, Chambers of Jaitley &. Bakhshi, New Delhi.

6. Mr. Ujjawal Satsangi, (Batch of 2011-16), Advocate, High Court of Judicature at Allahabad.

The moderator for the session will be Mr. Rishabh Saxena, (Batch of 2011-16), Associate at Bose & Mitra & Co. The panelists intend on discussing various nuances of Criminal and Corporate Litigation which would not just be limited to approaching Litigation as a first generation Lawyer but also would provide insights on Practicing at the Supreme Court of India and High Courts in India.

To all those interested in the field of Litigation, brace yourselves for the enriching session. Kindly adhere to the timings and the keep your camera and mic off for smooth conducting of the session. You can post your questions on the chat box if any.

You can visit the link  – Click Here

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