Humans of Campus

“When all seems to be against you, remember, a ship sometimes has to sail against the current, not with it – Himali , UPES Dehradun

Humans of Campus

I am always that person who kept dreams in her arms and wanted to fly so far that no one could get me back. My life is almost like a Bollywood movie based on a teenager who has struggled at every step and achieved what everyone thinks is gifted. I was a sports player till 12th. A tanned, dull skin toned and no fashion sense , you could also call me tom -boyish personality. As a matter of fact no one will believe this story now but i’m sure my schoolmates will.

As soon as I passed 12th I wanted to become a doctor. That is where I got a break from sports and I decided to finally look into my future aspirations, it was also the time when puberty hit me really hard . After a year of drop I gave NEET and didn’t get a nice rank or could make into a govt college . I always wanted to prove that I am an all rounder and can do anything with my life , so one day when I was scrolling through my instagram I saw this pageant and wanted to take part in it. I knew nothing about this industry till then but I practiced and won the title of Miss Gurgaon 2016. Since I had to do something with my future I decided to go for engineering and I cleared all the exams I sat  for engineering entrance, I made it to UPES, dehradun. Dehradun is a city of dreams for all the students, who don’t want admission in a good college in doon. My aspirations for flying made me choose aerospace engineering. My early days of college were full of hype, everyone wanted to talk to me and I was excited yet scared.


I made good friends thankfully 2-3 of them are still with me ( if you are in college you can relate). I joined an astronomical club. Clubs are the best place in college where you get enough time to interact with your seniors. I had fights, I won competitions.

First year, first tech competition and I made it to top 6 and guess what I was still crying because I aimed to come 1st. If I go back to my first year a lot of things happened that I can write a book about but I am not a great writer but I am a great influencer which also gave me the idea to start with digital creation on Instagram and decided to use my skills to entertain everyone.

Then in my second year, I took part in our cultural fest called UURJA and there are winners to Mr and Miss UURJA every year, it’s like a big deal in college since we have an open platform to compete. I won Miss UURJA in 2018 and therefore those who didn’t know me till then, knew me now. My teachers were always a support system that helped me grow at every step. I went for internships, did projects and dealt with a lot of work and pressure, saved my pocket money and still ended up losing it all, ate mess food, had great hostel sessions and paid for my supplementary exams too. I wanted to cry out loud at times but I couldn’t and I also wanted to laugh at the most sad moments for some reason but I couldn’t because my anxiety never lets me work properly.


In my third year I got the position of secretary in the club and that is where the real struggle began, The post came with many responsibilities and I think I did a great job. I earned trust and loyalty and respect from my juniors but also hatred from my colleagues.  I think a tint of jealousy comes with success, so everyone working hard should be prepared for it. At first I blamed myself for everything but soon after I realised that it’s not my fault if no girl is talking to me in my class or my club colleagues bitch behind my back or even succeeded in getting me out of the club. I also managed to get the post of Student Placement Representative which is a post for 4th year placements and had to go through a war for it , literally those who were involved if reading this would laugh so hard on this one..College life is the most difficult phase of life, you are away from home and you don’t know whom to trust and you still end up trusting the wrong person and no matter what turn you take you will get hurt somehow especially if you think a lot about others and you are a really good person at heart.

But what matters now is that I have my CV in  my hand with many research papers published, many internships bagged and many courses done, most importantly I have the self confidence that I am no less and if I compete I can win no matter what the situation is. I have the worst and best moments of my life in college, college life is a zone of a hell lot of learning experience but if you have learnt from these experiences and you are mature enough to grow with those learnings that is the moment when you can win everything.

Because of this whole Covid-19 pandemic , I am scared if I’ll miss my last year experience in college because I want to frame my 4 years of B.Tech but let’s hope for the best. Until then, believe in yourself and prioritize things that you want from life and work for it. Also, never be afraid of criticism instead take it since the brightest stars are mostly covered by clouds and cannot be seen from naked eyes.

B.Tech aerospace spz avionics
4th Year ,UPES

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