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Happiness is seeing your parents smile” , knowing that you’re the reason behind their smile – Ishita Pruthi , NMIMS, Navi Mumbai

Humans of Campus


From being a reserved fresher, to getting titles like “Ms. Best Senior” & “Ms. Charming”, at farewell, IGDTUW shaped me into a strong and beautiful individual.

It’s actually ineffable to express my 4-year journey in such few words, but I’d like to sum up my college life with “Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham”. (Not because life is like a roller-coaster ride, but also because I am a Bollywood buff, so a K3G fan)

Mechanical Engineer and that too a proud one.

I was always surrounded by people who used to say: “Ladkiyan bhi mechanical leti hain kya?” But as soon as I realised the depth of the song ” Kuch to log kahenge, logon ka kaam hai kehna”, it helped me to be more rigid in fact, and pushed me to change the status quo and break the stereotypes

My fondest memory of IGDTUW is that, in my very first year, I got caught up in exam for misconducting (when I was actually not); And irony was, after 4 years of hard work, I received a GOLD medal for scoring highest in my department.

As they say, “Happiness is seeing your parents smile” (knowing that you’re the reason behind their smile), that was the most precious moment and I am thankful to IGDTUW which helped me prove my worth and gave me, and my parents, those GOLDen memories to cherish for our entire lives.


I am not all academics but unrequited friendships, love and endless disbands pushed to be in that zone more.  But I do believe in being versatile and an all-rounder for that matter.

Thus, being a not-so-bad dancer and one of the CORE members (OC) of Taarangana, i.e. the cultural fest of my college, helped me realise that those were my little doses of happiness.

(P.S- I am still trying to continue with my love for dancing, in the hope to be a great one, someday )

Few of my recent dance posts:

  1. Afreen Afreen- Watch Here 
  2. Sangli sangli Naina vich tera nam hi munde – Watch here

  3.  Ni mai yaar manana ni – Watch here

Who knew I would be able to survive in an ALL girls college, far from home and in between those cat fights, but I’m feeling proud while writing this, that I not only survived, but also thrived, personally as well as professionally.

One thing that I miss badly now, is my second home (my hostel). But every phase of life demands a new you, a different you and a better you.

Life kept moving and so did I.

Currently I am pursuing PGDM from Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies and hope to again write my college life story (I should rather say, college at home) soon.

Ishita Pruthi

IGDTUW , Delhi

NMIMS, Navi Mumbai

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