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.LPU’s student organization Wissen recently launched a new episode of their talk show with Satish Kushwaha who is the founder of TechYukti with 580k subscribers over youtube. He is also a JoshTalk speaker and a great Hindi videos and content creator.

He is an amazing blogger with a different vision of bringing Hindi a step forward. In the one hour talk show, he discussed about different ups and downs he experienced during his journey of life . He discussed his college life and how did he start blogging. He talked about how you can choose a topic for blogging.He is a person with a thinking that “It doesn’t means a lot, how good you are at communication skill but the way you can define your thoughts and express matters”. 

How did he start blogging? He answered this as “He started blogging on a google product called blogger for a month then he bought his first domain. After that, he started creating videos and start researching on different searches that people make over internet”.

He is an astonishing person who believes in Dreamwills. He even got failures and contradictory comments in life, despite of thinking more about the problem he tried getting rid of all these .  He elaborated on how did he overcome all these.
At last, he told, you should follow your passion as a part-time and continue it until and unless you start getting double income from your aside job.

He wrapped this with words “Everyone struggles and get success, some gets soon or some might get it later “. He answered most of the questions asked by the audience and it all ended with a glorious round of applause.

Connect with Satish Kushwaha–  Instragram

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